Gibbs Offshore Work

Gibbs Offshore Work

Hire Gibbs rib for all offshore work

Offshore Rib Hire

We have available our coded and commercially approved Ribquest 7.8m vessel which is available from Mostyn Port or any location that will allow us to launch. We have a number of experienced and
trained skippers and crew who can operate for you our commercially licensed vessel which has a permitted area of operation of Category 3R (3R is upto 20 miles from Safe Haven).
Our Ribquest has the capability to perform various tasks for any client who wishes to undertake offshore works involving Environmental or Civil Engineering operations, offshore inspections of wind farm turbines and acting as a safety boat for working being undertaken on the water or waters edge by your operatives.
All safety PPE is provided if required for the vessel journey. The vessel is fully insured to carry a maximum of 8 persons only and can be provided with or with a skipper if you can provide your own with acceptable qualifications.

Please contact us for further information including availability and costs for the hire of our Ribquest 7.8m, asking for the hire department.

Offshore Welding

We have undertaken numerous tasks offshore whilst using a weld to repair and maintain the structure and its working parts. When welding offshore within the turbine the recue team is in place making sure that the work is being done in a safe and secure manner with the presence of all permits for work in hand. Welding tasks have included repairs to the oil filled radiator within the turbine which have had to be on occasion repaired where they are for small individual leaks causing lost pressure in the vessel.

Canopy cracks are a major repair we have been doing recently as it seems to be a natural timescale problem for the towers and cracks develop at the canopy opening at the top of the tower.

Our trained operatives are vastly experienced in the repair of these cracks as they are one of the most common problems with the turbine installations both onshore and offshore.

Our welding covers all repair aspects inside or outside of the turbine as we are qualified and approved to the correct standards for all of our welding. Alongside of our welding certifications, our operatives are trained to the highest GWO standards available for all required offshore certification. Please see our certification section for more details on this.

Offshore Welding
Offshore Retrofit

Offshore Retrofit

As well as welding repairs and maintenance within the turbines we are involved in general repairs and tasks which do not involve welding. These other tasks include retrofitting new engineering items such as header tanks to enable increased water cooling system for the electrical systems on the turbine, turbine inspections which involve collecting and retaining samples from the internal sediments and muds at the foot of the turbine. These samples are tested and recorded for continuous monitoring of the windfarm.

Other work we have undertaken are numerous and include safety gate installations which we
bespoke fabricated onshore to each individual turbine requirements and then offshore to fit them to specification and location. Brazing of electrical connections and review of existing connections is another service we can provide whilst working offshore as we have the experience, technology and expertise to work in and around this environment.

Our most valued service is the Confined Space Rescue Team which we have trained and supplied with the best training available to allow them to maintain a high standard when involved in the monitoring and safety of other team members whenever in the turbine working environment.